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Because true change begins on the inside.
We recognize that people are created with spirit, soul, and body, all components mysteriously integrated and interactive. We live in a broken world. The compassion of Jesus compels us to go to them, to love in word and in deed; to, as we are enabled, meet not only the physical and emotional needs, but the deepest human need - restoration to loving relationship with our Father and Creator.
To leave this need untouched will result in temporary success at best, and at worst, undermine past accomplishments.

Reaching out to the local community and regions beyond, the whole gospel for the whole person.

But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding."  Job 32:8  

Africa Connect's work is primarily preventive, promoting education and healthy lifestyles that lessen the need for emergency relief. However, in our work in the slums and remote areas we encounter drastic situations, and the call to compassion compels us to act.

Africa Connect teams and Kenyan have been involved in bringing relief and comfort to those in distress, whether survivors of a tribal war in a refugee camp on Mt Elgon, internally displaced widows and children, or those in our own "back yard". Each year Africa Connect hosts a "Christmas Banquet", blessing local families with food for the holiday; church members donate generously from their own meager kitchens and closets to help those less fortunate than they. Many of our students' only food is that supplied by the preschool, so the months when schools are closed can be a time of hunger and illness. The staff and Africa Connect reach out with distributions of staples for the children's families, and emergency medical care as needed.  

Bible Training and Discipleship

A series of seminars using the Inductive Bible Study curriculum published by Intensive Care Ministries was well received by national pastors and leaders throughout Western Kenya. Africa Connect has supported Biblical instruction, seeking to improve the accuracy and depth of the teaching in the Kenyan churches.

Gospel Light leaders envision a Bible college, equipping leaders for outreach to the nations.

Radio and Film Outreach

As most people in Kenya have radios, the air waves are a powerful vehicle to promote the gospel and solid Bible teaching. Over 10 million people throughout Kenya and Eastern Uganda hear our Kenyan partner, Pastor Apollo Juma, ministering the Word on 2 weekly broadcasts on Imani Radio, supported by Africa Connect.

Film outreach in the native languages is a very effective evangelistic tool, particularly in rural areas where Bibles are few and solid Biblical teaching is difficult to find.

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Jn. 8:32

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