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In Kenya, preschool attendance is required to attend primary school. However, preschools charge fees; the children in the most desperate situations are denied an education, the key factor that can change that situation.
These are the children, and the families, that we are trying to reach.
Jesus said “Bring the children unto me, and do not deny them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven”

Africa Connect is the sole supporter of Baraka HSS Academy, the only free preschool in an area dominated by urban slums. Here, 60 children each year find safety and restoration to health, quality education and nutrition, all in a safe, loving environment that says


“You matter, and you have a future”

Throughout the year, Baraka staff seek out children in particularly desperate situations, and recommend enrollment in the school. Most of the kids are being raised by single moms, many of them earning their living through sex work or brewing illegal alcohol. Others share a dark, one room mud home with several other children, all left to an elderly grandmother to feed.


They enter “baby class” at 3 or 4 years, often malnourished and sickly, some abused, afraid and unwanted. With loving nurture, they catch up quickly and proceed through “mid class” and “top class” until they graduate, now well prepared for a primary school education and beyond.


Fees are rising for primary levels in public schools, so for the particularly needy, Africa Connect offers sponsorship via Ian Memorial Sponsorship Fund.

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