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You can open the door for a needy child, giving the opportunity to have dignity, hope and a future.

“He raises up the poor from the dust; He lifts the needy from the ash heap to make them sit with princes and inherit a seat of honor” 1 Sam 2:8

The Ian Memorial Sponsorship Fund seeks to assist the children of Tuwan to reach their God-given potential.


The graduates of Baraka HSS Academy are well received by the surrounding Primary Schools and some parents are willing and able to send them. However, Primary School in Kenya, while being presented as free, has many hidden costs and becomes a burden on the family. The poorest and most neglected children fall through the cracks. These children often end up on the street, begging and sniffing glue. The girls are particularly vulnerable and may turn to prostitution or early marriage in order to find security.

Through sponsorship we can close this gap. The cost is $400 per year with a slight increase as the child enters middle school age. This ensures a high quality Christian education at a private school, currently Seed of Hope Academy. Your child is guaranteed food, medical care, safe transport, school supplies, uniform and shoes.

As your sponsored child advances into High School, you can decide whether to continue support at $450 per year; vocational training is also an option for certain students.


In addition to the care of the child, the parents are encouraged to participate in one of our empowerment programs, to be trained in a culturally appropriate business or skill.

Each Sponsor can look forward to receiving a letter from their child, a detailed yearly update on their welfare, and the opportunity to write to the child as often as they desire.

For more information about sponsoring a child, please click on the printable Sponsor Inquiry Form

 Walk with a child through life 

About Ian Memorial Scholarship Fund

The IMS fund was established in 2013 to honor Ian Kipkoech, a bright and loving student who died in a tragic accident in March of that year. Ian was a student in Graceway Victory Academy, who upon graduating received a sponsorship that enabled him to continue his primary education. Ian was flourishing academically, physically and spiritually at the time of his passing; it is our hope that many more beautiful children like Ian will be given this opportunity to flourish through this Memorial fund.

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