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Good Things are Happening Here!

I stopped in at Graceway Victory Academy this morning to deliver some supplies and tend to a few other errands. It is SUCH a JOY to see things going so well!

There are so many good things happening on this small plot of ground - a school clinic for our newbies in Baby Class was underway which includes mandatory HIV testing (NOT a usual thing in most schools); assessment of the general physical condition of the children; and even urgent care for one who fell down and bumped her head. The rest of the children were together in a section of the new Graceway sanctuary having their Friday morning convocation, prayer and music.

The Tailoring Class is currently in recess, but there are mamas who have graduated from the program who are busy sewing uniforms for our sponsored elementary students at Seed of Hope. In the past we had to contract out and pay others to do this work. Now we can pay our own ladies as part of the empowerment program.

The fundiis (workmen) were hard at work chipping away to form blocks of stone as work progresses on the new sanctuary and community center. All operations are efficient, well organized, and the atmosphere is joyful.

We are so blessed to be a part of this work, and we give God all the glory for all the GOOD THINGS that are HAPPENING HERE!


Sue Choquette, RN

Director of Medical and Health Initiatives, Africa Connect

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