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Insights: The lives of the children

We would like you to meet one of our little preschoolers Africa Connect serves at Graceway Academy, via a recent home visit report from Amos, one of the social workers:

"Mercy Kukuru is 7 years of age, 1st born in the family of 4 children. Mercy stays with the grandmother in a very small single house made of mud and old iron sheet, with walls full of holes in Tuwan. The grandmother who is [chronically] sick has been the mother to Mercy since 2012 when she was 8 months, after being abandoned by her mother"...

"This condition of the grandmother can't allow her to do casual jobs like washing [clothes] or weeding which are common jobs considering it's rainy season. So the grandmother can't cater for Mercy's basic needs such as food, good shelter, clothing and good bedding. This is why their house has no bed , they sleep on the floor on pieces of mattress which are very dirty.

Thanks to Africa Connect for the feeding program which has been of greater help not only for Mercy but the entire preschool. Mercy depends on school food for survival. After taking lunch at Graceway there is no dinner at home. Not only the school food but also the love and care given to her by the staff at Graceway School keeps her going and makes her hopeful in life."

It is vital we keep this school going, for Mercy, and for many others like her, who have no options and no safety net. Thank you for your prayers and consistent support for "the least of these".

Each child is worth it, and there are so many...

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