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Insights: The Lives of the Children: Muffin and Kevin

From Social Worker's report, Tuwan, Kenya

"Muffin and Kevin are twins in the family of 3 and 2nd born in the family. They stay with their parents across the slums of Tuwan in the outskirts of Kitale Town. Both parents do not have stable jobs to support their family; this has left the family to be subjected to extreme poverty. Their shelter is not in good condition for the children to live in as it’s full of holes, leaks, inadequate space and overcrowded. The children frequently have less food to eat than needed, as they complain of the hunger and seem to be losing weight. They look shorter and less energetic compared to others of the same age in the school.

Muffin and Kevin’s parents have been moving from one place to another in the search of work, to cater for the family’s basic needs. This has affected the children’s school attendance.

Thanks to Africa Connect for these great programs such as feeding program, uniform and medical assistance, as it has played a very important role to the preschool, the community and helpful to Muffin and Kevin in particular."

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