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Insights: The lives of the children - Michelle

Michelle is a student at the free preschool which Africa Connect fully supports, the following is a social work report following a visit to her home.

"Michelle is the 3rd born in the family of 4 children. The other 2 are in [public] school, the last born is at home with the mother. Michelle's mother is a single parent, their father left them and his whereabouts is not known. The mother is a casual laborer who does any type of job to enable her to feed her children and pay house rent. They live in a place that needs major repairs, is overcrowded, inadequate and does not protect them from the weather. Whenever it rains water gets into the house, this gives her a hard time draining water from the floor, and this is the same place where her kids sleep. Constant floods has caused her children to be often too ill for school. The child is attending school regularly and performing well in class. Michelle needs to be supported [receiving food, uniform, and medical care through the school]; maybe through this education her life may change and have hope of the better tomorrow."

Thanks for reading, and for caring!

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